CNAS Quality Control

We Provide

Original plant identification, heavy metal analysis, pesticide residue analysis, solvent analysis, melamine testing, microbiological testing, irradiation testing, bio-active ingredients (marker components) analysis, regular physical and chemical analysis, nutritive compositions analysis and foreign matters detecting. 

Our laboratory is CNAS certified. All our analyst have been trained strictly and qualified with extensive work experience,which strongly guaranteed our quality control and assurance capacity.

Test Devices:

  1. preparative liquid chromatograph
  2. Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  3. High performance thin layer chromatography
  4. HPLC
  5. Gas Chromatograph
  6. Frozen vacuum drying oven
  7. ELSD
  8. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  9. Ultra-low temperature refrigerator
  10. High-speed refrigerated centrifuge
  11. Reverse osmosis membrane enrichment equipment
  12. Cellulose detector
  13. Ultra-pure water processor
  14. Rotary Evaporator concentrator
  15. Constant temperature water bath Miriam
  16. norganic ceramic membrane ultra-filtration equipment
  17. Nano-membrane separation equipment
  18. Color difference meter
  19. Microbial Testing Laboratory

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